Ultra Violet Lamps

The term “ultraviolet” means “beyond violet.” In the visible part of the spectrum, wavelength decreases and the energy of the electromagnetic waves increases, so UV light has a shorter wavelength, and more energy than violet light. Wavelengths are measured in nanometers (nm), or billionths of a meter, and ultraviolet wavelengths range between 10nm and 400nm. It can be classified as UV-A, UV-B or UV-C, in order of decreasing wavelength.



Production of circuit boards


Curing of glues


Drying of paints, lacquers, varnishes


Tanning, Manicure / Pedicure Studios


Dermatology (e.g. Atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne)




Dental technology, Cosmetic


The opto-electronics division at Heraeus Noblelight develops and manufactures UV LED modules which are precisely adjusted to the requirements of customers and the relevant industrial application.
UV curing applications in the near UV range (> 365 nm):

  • Printing: Digital, flexo, offset, screen printing
  • Surface coating
  • Curing of adhesives
  • Special applications such as contact lens production and sewer rehabilitation
  • Exposure applications

Other UV LED applications in the deep UV range (< 365 nm)

  • Sterilisation of water and air
  • Photochemistry
  • Phototherapy
  • Document verification
  • Lithography
  • Analytical applications
  • Curing of adhesives

NobleCure® UV LED Modules

  • Small shaped and flexible UV unit can be matched to the machine environment.
  • Modular construction platform
  • Customer specific system solutions can be assembled with all associated peripheral components such as cooling, control and power supply
  • Wavelenghs can be adjusted to the application
  • Chip on board“ technology offers high power density
  • Instantly switch on and off without impairment of the
  • UV performance resulting a higher energy efficiency



The Heraeus GoldSpot amalgam lamps are regarded as the market-leading product – primarily due to their long service life and unique Long life technology.
The extremely long-life high-performance low-pressure lamps achieve up to ten times higher UV power density compared to conventional mercury low-pressure lamps and can be used at higher ambient temperatures (up to 90°C). More-over, amalgam lamps are insensitive to temperature fluctuation.

Heraeus Long life coating

The unique Heraeus coating prevents the transmission loss of the quartz glass which is a major factor in conventional UV lamps. The result is an almost continuous sterilization effect over the entire service life of the lamp. Up to 90 percent of the UV-C output power is achieved even after 16,000 hours of operation. The Long life coating is transparent, including for 185 nm radiation.

Saving potential of amalgam lamps

Amalgam lamps can enable savings with regard to number of lamps, plant components, energy consumption and service intervals – and clearly reduce the operating costs of sterilization plants due to their high output and long life. They save energy, generate very little heat and can be used as a low-cost alternative to medium-pressure lamps. Our flyer provides a comparison of the cost effectiveness of amalgam lamps.

Ozone-generating radiation

Additional VUV radiation is emitted at a wavelength of 185 nm if the light tube is made of ozone-generating synthetic quartz glass. With the optimal combination of quartz material and lamp technology, UV output at 185 nm can even be increased to five times that of a standard low-pressure lamp.


Modern analysis instruments need light sources of a quality that optimally supports their performance capability. Deuterium lamps, hollow cathode lamps and other light sources made by Heraeus are not only designed for long life but also for maximum precision and stability.
We cooperate closely with instrument manufacturers to develop radiation sources that precisely meet the requirements of the instruments. Production locations in Germany, the UK and China guarantee close cooperation with our customers.

Industrial non-laser applications include:

  • Rapid thermal processing
  • Water and food sterilization
  • Photographic applications
  • Ink curing/ drying
  • Sun simulation
  • Weathering



As the exclusive distributor of Heraeus lamps in the Sub Saharan Region, all ARC and Flash lamps are imported from Heraeus Noblelight Ltd. in Cambridge. They are especially suitable for high-power lasers or lasers with high precision requirements.
  • Automotive Welding & Cutting
  • General Cutting & Welding
  • Drilling
  • Marking/Engraving
  • Resistor Trimming
  • Diamond Processing
  • Medical and Aesthetic applications
  • Sun-simulation

Laser lamps are mercury-free gas discharge lamps used to pump solid-state lasers in many laser applications like welding, cutting and marking. They are especially suitable for high-power lasers or lasers with high precision requirements. Also for non-laser applications like IPL hair removal, ultraviolet (UV) curing, sun simulation and rapid thermal processing of silicon wafers, pulsed laser lamps are increasingly used. Their main advantages in these applications are their broad spectral output and their high powers.


UV mercury lamps are the most commonly used type of lamp for industrial UV curing and printing processes.With over 10,000 lamp types in our portfolio we offer high quality replacements for every major machine and system manufacturer. Heraeus will find the right replacement lamp for your UV drier.
The unique flexibility of the Heraeus production lines means we can design and manufacture from just one replacement UV lamp for your system, up to large batch quantities for the most widely used types. Power ratings range from 80 watts per cm up to 400 watts per cm and we can produce lengths between 12mm and 3.9m in a range of spectral outputs.

UV+IR Lamps(Pty)Ltd can supply replacement lamps for the following equipment.
Mark Andy Eltosch Hoenle Heidelberg
Nilpeter KBA GEW Grafix
PrintConcept Uviterno Gallus UV DryStar UV/IR
Pacom Beltron Theimer Ushio
Kopack DPL Giardina VTI
Spectral Wallace Knight Micro Uv Sutter
Prime UV IST UVT Max


Metal halide (MH) lamps are often used for reprography applications. They are also suited for UV curing applications that require a specially adjusted light spectrum. The term metal halide lamp is used for UV mercury lamps with added gallium iodide, iron iodide or other substances that alter the lamp’s spectral radiation. Metal halide lamps are suited for many different industrial applications such as the following: pre-press, wood finishing, curing of printed circuit board coatings, special label printing applications, curing of adhesives and resins.


The operating life of a UV curing lamp is measured in hours of ultra-violet output, which reduces gradually throughout the life of the lamp. Standard UV curing lamps emit enough UV to cure for 1000 hours. Improved production techniques and higher grade materials have enabled Heraeus Amba to produce UV lamps with operating life in excess of 1500 hours, when operated in suitable machines under optimum conditions.

200% tested for absolute reliability! Every Amba UV lamp is tested not once, but twice before it leaves our factory. This means no surprises when you install it; it starts first time, every time, so you have minimum down-time on your lamp changeovers.

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