The use of ultraviolet technology is widely considered to be an ambitious innovation that has only now started gaining traction in the industry of curing industrial coatings. In truth, ultraviolet technology has been in use for many decades across many industries and has been used in the production of many things we use every day.

To define ultraviolet curing in simple terms, it is the process to cure coatings in a chemical process started and sustained by UV energy. One of the main benefits of UV is that within minutes your substance can be changed from a liquid to a solid state. Companies that rely on the power of UV technology provide customers with a higher quality of service and value in their superior products.

Ultraviolet curing has many benefits that can be summarised as follows, firstly, as briefly mentioned, curing is incredibly fast, not only does this cut down production times but it also gives you the freedom to cure heat-sensitive materials.

UV curing can also give you superior durability. Coatings cured with UV can be made hard for various applications but can also be equally flexible.  Both hard and flexible coatings are used in the automotive industry.

UV+IR Engineering manufactures and designs various ultraviolet solutions for UV curing in the automotive industry and has become the preferred supplier for many manufacturers and panelbeaters. Contact UV+IR Engineering to find out about a solution that will work for you.

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