Various methods are used by mines to obtain diamonds. Diamond mining is one of the biggest and most lucrative industries in the world today.

To shortly summarize the process, ore is obtained from mining. The use of gloveboxes come in after the concentrate has been removed from the ore that has been mined. The main function of a glovebox is to sort diamonds from other materials before they can be processed and graded further.


UV+IR Engineering have supplied gloveboxes to some of the biggest diamond mines in the world. The most important features of a glovebox are security and durability. Our gloveboxes are manufactured from mild streel or stainless steel and are made up of several high-quality security features, including security cameras, safes and security locks.


Not only are our gloveboxes tailor made, they can also be fitted with any extras you will need.

Gloveboxes are an essential part of the diamond processing process and the right gloveboxes can speed up the process and give you an edge on the competition. Contact UV+IR Engineering for your quote today.

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