Macadamia Disinfection Solutions

Tree nuts are problematic when it comes to bacteria. Macadamia in particular have been a cause for concern and these nuts have been linked to salmonella, listeria and e.coli with the latter being the cause of a macadamia recall as early as one year ago and upwards of ten recalls in the last few years. The macadamia nut industry is huge and the uses thereof span over many industries including, and most importantly, the food industry.

Unfortunately, despite being one of the most popular tree nuts in the world today, macadamias can carry bacteria and if disinfection measures aren’t taken, consumers can and will get infected. If this happens it can cause irreparable damage to your brand.

Are there ways to protect your consumers and your brand? Yes, by using disinfection methods to kill bacteria on the surface of the nut. Ultraviolet radiation is a solution that is 100% safe and not radioactive. By radiating the nuts underneath the light, the UV works to destroy / deactivate all micro-organisms on the nut including bacteria, yeast and mould spores.

Ultraviolet has become more and more popular in the macadamia industry and by using vibrating conveyors below the UV lamps you can ensure that the nuts are completely exposed to rays on all sides. Many macadamia farms, processors and packers have begun employing this technique to disinfect their product. Ultraviolet also has many benefits over other disinfection methods and should be a strong contender when you are considering your disinfection options. Not only will using ultraviolet save you money, but any products you disinfect will retain all attributes, including shape and taste. UV is also 100% chemical-free.

Many in the macadamia industry are currently enjoying the benefits of UV, some of them having had their tailor made, hardworking and effective machinery supplied by UV+IR Engineering. For your custom quote, head over to the Contact Us page to find out more.

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