While infrared is not a new innovation it can make a big difference in not only the name of your business but also in the quality of product you offer your customers.

Investing in an infrared paint drying system has many future benefits. In choosing, there is no limitation in the options you have including hand held units, mobile stands and overhead systems. Tailor made systems are also available to suit your applications.

Why install an infrared drying system? Infrared dramatically reduces the time required to dry which decreases the risk of anything marring your perfect paint finish. More accurately, IR lamps eliminate the need for airflow. Without airflow there’s little risk of ruining a finish. Some lamps are able to dry water-based paint in just three minutes! Infrared is also one of the most flexible drying methods – able to dry most types of automotive paints and makes a significant time difference in the drying of all air-drying finishes including fibre glass, fillers, primers, base coats and top coats.

The use of infrared also reduces energy consumption due the directed heat produced by infrared lamps meaning that nothing is wasted. As for the process, simplified – high temperatures of infrared breach the surface of the paint and dries from the inside giving you a quicker, higher quality finish.

Overall, IR also ensures for a safer and cleaner work environment as the lamps do not emit carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrogen oxides just to name a few.

To summarize, Infrared drying solutions are the quiet, safe and affordable way for panelbeaters to improve the overall painting results that they provide to their customers.  UV+IR Engineering designs and manufactures tailor made solutions to suit your application and budget. Contact us for your custom quote today.


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