Are you looking for the best, most efficient infrared zone heaters this winter?

Infrared zone or space heaters are heaters that are widely used to heat rooms or spaces, referred to as “zones”.

Infrared zone heaters have become increasingly more popular in the last few years largely thanks to their efficiency instead of regular heaters. These heaters utilise the power of infrared and have become the preferred choice for restaurants, animal breeders, zoos, schools etc.

Infrared heaters have so many benefits that they are making conventional heaters obsolete. Not only is the effect of a zone heater immediate but it can also be equipped with remote on/off switches as well as a motion detector. As for energy efficiency – since zone heaters only heat a specific area, no energy is wasted, which is a big advantage considering the ‘money-save’ mentality of most business owners in today’s economy. The heat effect is also instant, meaning no energy is wasted on the heater first needing to warm up. Additionally, they are virtually maintenance free and extremely easy to use.

Various designs are available to suit each individual application perfectly. Infrared heaters heat certain areas, people and equipment – not an entire building or factory, for instance, in the case of animal breeders – to heat a small whelping room, zone heaters are ideal. They create a comfortable heat that is just the right temperature during those cold winter months. When being tested in an outdoors application, these space heaters faired nicely and were unaffected by drafts while keeping up a steady heat during a late-night braai under a lapa.

Another great thing about the zone heaters from UV+IR Engineering is that they are all locally manufactured using aluminium with a high quality and durable design – they feel sturdy and are built to last. The majority of zone heaters on the market today are constructed using mild steel which will unfortunately cause the paint to peel away after a short time of using the heater and that’s is not desirable considering that when you buy these – you want them to last.


Zone heaters are safe to use, there is no risk of fire or explosion from burning fuel or gas – our heaters run on electricity. They also have no health hazards, pollution or products of combustion and unlike traditional heaters, infrared is clean and odourless which is better for the environment. The space heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted and are adjustable to ensure you only heat the area that you need to. Heating an area can also lead to increased productivity in the workplace since they will encourage workers to stay in the heated area and work.

Infrared zone heaters are the most effective way of heating today and can work in both a business and home setting. For Zone Heaters with the best design, result and price guaranteed – follow the link and contact UV+IR Engineering today.

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