What is a food recall?
Food recalls or withdrawals are risk management procedures that are either done voluntarily where contamination is suspected or demanded as a result of a product fault, customer illness or undeclared items in food such as soya or nuts.
How does a food recall happen?
In the case of a company suspecting contamination, they will have the product tested and if bacteria is found, a recall would be initiated.
Things get a bit more complicated with a food recall. When a customer becomes ill after ingesting the contaminated product, the reputation of the company comes into question and how quickly and efficiently the company responds to the situation can either save a bit of their standing, or destroy it. Decisive and quick action is needed, the more people that get sick, the harder it will be for the company to retain or get new customers when the situation has passed.

Managing a food recall or withdrawal.
Considering the increase in bacteria-related food recalls, companies should now have a system in place to deal with the issue before it can escalate too much. Systems typically include having a team on standby to deal with any potential issues at any hour of the day. A food incident coordinator should lead the team and know what steps to take immediately, such as making lists of traceable information regarding the product and make use of rapid detection methods.

Preventing a food recall.
Companies need to do research to find a method of disinfection that can suit their product and need. Ultraviolet has been used to treat salmonella, listeria, e.coli, moulds and coliforms. UV disinfection is used by many industries including but not limited to dairy and baking products and even on pre-packaged fruits and vegetables. UV+IR Engineering manufactures solutions currently used by some of the biggest nut farms in the world. Every UV solution is manufactured to customer specifications and will suit your application, the space available to you and your pocket. To get more information, contact UV+IR Engineering to find out what type of solution will work best for you.

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