Bacteria spreads easily enough and can cause serious illness just as easily. More often than not, bacteria can spread from a surface and on to food and even tools that had previously been sterilized, unbeknownst to us. This small mistake can cost companies greatly, not just causing them to lose money but also ruining the reputation of the company.

The answer to avoid this is simple, economical and powerful: UV disinfection. Many individuals are still a bit unsure when they see UV being mentioned. Rest assured, ultraviolet is not radioactive and is safe. The process can be simplified to this; surface disinfection or sterilization refers to the disinfection of surfaces, rooms and any equipment in these rooms. The UV+IR Blaster radiates out UV which alters the DNA of aggressive pathogens, killing them. Avoid salmonella, listeria, e.coli etc.

Not only is the UV+IR Blaster portable, it is also fast and powerful. As an added bonus the blaster is chemical free, which saves a lot of money. The Blaster is known as an on-demand disinfection solution. It’s easy operation and portability makes it the versatile, preferred solution for hospitals and restaurants.

The blaster can be used in various applications including, but not limited to, morgues, laboratories, gymnasiums, doctor’s offices, hospitals, burn centres, operating rooms, ICUs and TB units.

UV+IR Engineering designs and manufactures high quality UV solutions to the world market in various industries including food, medical etc. Contact UV+IR Engineering today for your tailor made solution.

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