Food recalls can be devastating to not only the consumer but also to a company and brand. Tragic recalls caused by the bacteria behind salmonella, listeria, e.coli and many other deadly illnesses have been on the rise in the last few years causing numerous product recalls where many were hospitalized and have even died.

Bacteria can live on many types of food and even work surfaces and are naked to the human eye which means they can go undetected through the entire production process and unfortunately, right into the consumer’s hands.

Salmonella, listeria, e.coli and illnesses caused by bacteria are entirely preventable. There are numerous ways to ensure that you protect not only your customers but also your product and brand. Ultraviolet targets and eliminates bacteria on foods and surfaces. The most important thing to note here is that ultraviolet radiation is not nuclear radiation and is not radioactive. For example, today, UV is most commonly used by hospitals and dentists to sterilize equipment, by printers to cure inks and resins, in salons to cure gel nail polish, those little machines that detect counterfeit money and most importantly to kill bacteria.

UV+IR Engineering uses ultraviolet in machinery to eliminate bacteria on foods such as nuts, and in freestanding “robots” that targets bacteria in rooms and on surfaces. The ultraviolet in these machines destroys or deactivates micro-organisms including bacteria, yeast and mould spores. Tailor made equipment is manufactured to suit the customer’s disinfection needs. Nuts, spices and soya are just a few of the applications these machines can be built for. These systems include vibrating feeder systems, vibrating and cascading conveyors that increase the product’s exposure to radiation and rotating drum disinfection equipment. UV+IR Engineering’s disinfection equipment can be adapted to suit your product, application, space available or budget. Our food disinfection systems are manufactured from stainless steel and only FDA approved products are used.

Ultraviolet has many benefits, including that it is 100% chemical free. All food products’ qualities are retained and the process is 100% ecological. UV machines also have low operation and service costs, saving you money in the long run.

As for the UV+IR Blaster, the UV surface disinfection machine – it is necessary because it stops the spread of bacteria. The blaster can be used to sterilize rooms – such as a doctor’s or dentist’s examination room or in butchery or restaurant kitchens.

Whether you have had an issue with bacteria or not, it only takes one – one infected item, one person getting sick. Invest in certainty. Contact UV+IR Engineering for a disinfection solution that works for you.


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