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UV mercury lamps are the most commonly used type of lamp for industrial UV curing and printing processes.With over 10,000 lamp types in our portfolio we offer high quality replacements for every major machine and system manufacturer. Heraeus will find the right replacement lamp for your UV drier.


The unique flexibility of the Heraeus production lines means we can design and manufacture from just one replacement UV lamp for your system, up to large batch quantities for the most widely used types. Power ratings range from 80 watts per cm up to 400 watts per cm and we can produce lengths between 12mm and 3.9m in a range of spectral outputs.   

UV+IR Lamps(Pty)Ltd can supply replacements lamps for the following equipment.

Mark Andy Eltosch Hoenle Heidelberg
Nilpeter KBA GEW Grafix
PrintConcept Uviterno Gallus UV DryStar UV/IR
Pacom Beltron Theimer Ushio
Kopack DPL Giardina VTI
Spectral Wallace Knight Micro Uv Sutter
Prime UV IST UVT Max


Metal halide (MH) lamps are often used for reprography applications. They are also suited for UV curing applications that require a specially adjusted light spectrum. The term metal halide lamp is used for UV mercury lamps with added gallium iodide, iron iodide or other substances that alter the lamp's spectral radiation. Metal halide lamps are suited for many different industrial applications such as the following: pre-press, wood finishing, curing of printed circuit board coatings, special label printing applications, curing of adhesives and resins.

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