• uvir-electronic-transformer


This high power, intelligent Electronic UV-lamp Transformer® was developed for UV-lamps from 2kW to 27kW.


Combined with microprocessor technology, this high frequency switching power supply uses IGBT inverter technology in order to achieve the highest efficiency, high reliability, precise control and large energy savings. The UV+IR Electronic UV-lamp Transformer® replaces traditional electromagnetic transformers used in UV curing systems in the printing and surface coating industry.  The savings achieved in energy costs typically pay for the initial capital expenditure in less than 2 years.

Features Benefits
High frequency square wave (10kHz) Up to 30% more UV output
  Reduced electrode heating
  Lamp life is increased
  Warm-up time is greatly reduced
  Can be used in Flash Mode to save energy
Dynamic Microprocessor Control Optimises lamp efficiency over the entire lamp life
  Finds the best working point for current and voltage
High speed, Soft switching IGBT Very fast response 8ms from standby to full power
True Power Regulation with Magnitude Fully steps-less control
Control Minimum power is 2% for long term standby
  Simple power regulation via 0-10V signal or potentiometer setting
Phase Balance Current drawn from the mains supply is balanced over all 3 phases
  No inrush current - reduces maximum demand
  Unity power factor (cos = 1) High efficiency (n = 96%)
Self Diagnostic and Protection The system monitors a vareity of parameters and is fully protected against
  circuits on the output.
  Easy to set up
Compact Design Weight is 20% of a conventional transformer
  Volume is 15% of a conventional transformer