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Short wave Infra-Red Halogen Lamps   
Double-ended infrared Quartz lamps used as high-power and high-efficiency heat sources are employed in various industrial applications. The lamps are of the halogen type, which avoids blackening of the tube and consequently infrared depreciation during lifetime.These lamps can incorporate an embedded white reflector which allows focusing the infrared radiation to an object.
It is compact, clean and energy-efficient and can be used for a wide range of applications like heating, drying, curing, cooking etc.


HeLeN lamps  
Infrared HeLeN glare reduction lamps have a coating to reduce the visible glare, improve the colour rendering and raise the infrared output.
They are highly economical, converting practically all the consumed electrical power into heat.
Heat transfer is not affected by draughts or air movement and is noise-free. There is no by-product of combustion or movement of air or dust, thus giving a cleaner environment, and no oxygen is consumed so no extra ventilation required. Infrared HeLeN glare reduction lamps comply fully with the IEC standards.

Applications - Zone heating in: factories, sports halls, exhibition halls, work areas, churches, large halls, warehouses, storage areas, garages, terraces, greenhouses, open air applications, stadiums, camp sites,etc.

Features    Benefits
Instant heat Full emitted power within milliseconds after switch-on
No emissions or pollution   Clean and environmental friendly
Quartz envelope for infrared halogen lamps   Heat shock resistant and safe
90% of the energy is transmitted as infrared heat   Efficient and economical heat source
Dimmable     Output accurately controllable from 0 to 100% to match your needs
Infrared halogen technology    No blackening of the bulb and so no depreciation infrared emission during life time.
Long lifetime   Low maintenance
Same optical properties as light     Heat can be focused by reflectors
Compact design    Allows design of compact heat sources and systems

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