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Heraeus has developed special emitters for processes in which very small surfaces, edges or contours are to be heated. A common feature of all these emitters is their adaptation to the desired process with regard to shape, size and spectrum.


Infra Red emitters can be Individually formed to match the requirements of the finishing process.

Heat can therefore be targeted to where it is required such as:

  • Joining, welding or riveting of plastics
  • Forming or bending of tubes
  • Drawing of glass or plastic fibres

Heraeus Noblelight manufactures Infrared emitters matching the geometry of the product.

With emitters manufactured in a variety of shapes or spiral form, metal or glass can be heated homogeneously.

Advantages of Special emitters:

  • Wattages designed to suit the application
  • Homogeneous heating
  • High wattages in small spaces
  • Switch on and off in seconds
  • Shorter heating times.
  • Penetrating form of heat transfer.

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